Recent Performances

Ocean Roaring

Creation: Anya Saugstad
July 2023・Tour, Gulf Islands off the coast of BC
Aug 3-6, 2021・Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna, BC
Aug 13, 2020・Vines Art Festival (dance film)
Aug 8, 2019・Vines Art Festival, Vancouver BC


Creation: Vanessa Goodman (Action at a Distance)
March 24-26, 2023・Estrogenius Festival, New York City, USA

Digital Folk

Creation: plastic orchid factory

Dec 3, 2022・Left of Main, Vancouver, BC

June 7, 2019・Crimson Coast Dance, Nanaimo, BC

Nov 8-9, 2018・Mile Zero Dance, Edmonton, AB

Nov 3-4, 2018・Alexandra Dance Hall, Calgary, AB

Oct 30, 2018・Omineca Arts Centre, Prince George, BC

November 23-24, 2017・Left of Main, Vancouver, BC (for Dance in Vancouver Festival)

Paper Mountains (of Memory)

Creation: Anya Saugstad + dancers

Nov 18, 2022・F-O-R-M Festival, Vancouver, BC (film)
Sept 9-10, 2022・
Vistapoint Studios, Vancouver, BC
July 9-16, 2022・
Dancing on the Edge Festival, Vancouver, BC (film)

Spells for Chinatown

Creation: Ziyian Kwan (Dumb Instrument Dance)

May 19, 2022・Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver, BC

April 6, 2022・CanAsian Dance, Toronto, ON (film)

July 8-17, 2021・Dancing on the Edge Festival, Vancouver, BC (film)

May 6, 2021・Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver, BC

Ying Yun

Creation: Wen Wei Dance

March 30, 2022・Live Art Dance, Halifax, NS

March 25-26, 2022・Springboard Performance, Calgary, AB

Oct 7, 2021・Artspring, Salt Spring Island, BC and

Sept 30, 2021・Venables Theatre, Oliver, BC

Made in Voyage

Creation: Ziyian Kwan/Dumb Instrument Dance

Nov 24-27 & Dec 1-4, 2021・MORROW, Vancouver, BC

Sept 28-Oct 17, 2020・MORROW, Vancouver, BC

Cave to Dream

Art Installation: Cindy Mochizuki, Choreography: Aretha Aoki

Nov 7, 2019・Richmond Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Never Still

Creation: Vanessa Goodman (Action at a Distance)

Sept 26-29, 2018・Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver, BC