Residuals (住み・墨) (2021)

Residuals (住み・墨) is a solo dance performance that draws visual, sonic, and physical influences from Japanese calligraphy, through an exploration of personal and ancestral history. Dynamic brushstrokes inform Shion’s movement as she dances among sheets of translucent paper, evoking an abstracted memory of her Japanese grandparents’ rural home. Reliving these memories sparks a journey of self-discovery, where the layers of her identity begin to unfurl.

This project is made possible through support from the BC Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, the National Association of Japanese Canadians, City of Vancouver Arts and Cultural Services, and the Iris Garland Emerging Choreographer Award.


Creation/performance: Shion Skye Carter


Ziyian Kwan (creative consultant)

Tomoyo Yamada (dramaturg)

Stefan Nazarevich (composer)

Colin Williscroft (video design)

Andie Lloyd (lighting design)

Hannah Sofia Eriksson (costume design)

Yoko Murakami, at Gladstone Japanese Language School (calligraphy mentor)

Special thanks to Matthew Wylie for prop design, and Dumb Instrument Dance for their generous support.


Nov 4 + 5, 2022


Scotiabank Dance Centre, Vancouver, BC (Iris Garland Award performance)


Oct 23-26, 2021

Tangente, Montreal, QC


Jan 15-25, 2021

Dance Days Festival at Dance Victoria, Victoria, BC (film screening)


Sept 23, 2020

Studio Salon Series (livestream) hosted by Co.ERASGA in Vancouver, BC


Feb 6-8, 2020

Open Studio Series at Kinetic Studio in Halifax, NS

Photography: Akina Chan, Lula-Belle Jedynak