Threading Echos (2022)

Threading Echos (working title) is a new performance, currently in the research and creation process. A collaborative effort between Shion Skye Carter and Ontario-based artists Mayumi Lashbrook and Hitoko Okada, the work shares the history of ‘shifu’ (fabric woven from washi paper thread called ‘kami-ito’) through movement and storytelling, expressing from a Japanese Canadian perspective how we connect to this time-honoured, hands-on practice from 6th century Japan in the present day. Conjuring ancestral presence through soft gestures, gestural tableau, and shadows, the inspiration of cultural heritage craft on this embodied performance is a calming reminder to release our nervous systems from the consumption-driven system that we are embedded in.

Creation/Performance: Shion Skye Carter, Mayumi Lashbrook, Hitoko Okada

Lighting Design: Hina Nishioka

Production Design: Wakana Shimamura

Special thanks to Katie Cassady for her role as dancer, and Prince Shima for providing music composition in the initial research process for this work.

Photography: Wakana Shimamura


July 18 – Oct 25, 2022*

Artist-in-residence at Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON


Nov 29 – Dec 15, 2021

NEXT: New Dance in Development Residency, Vancouver, BC