Threading Echos

Threading Echos is a new performance project, currently in the research and creation process. The work shares the history of ‘shifu’ (fabric woven from washi paper thread called ‘kami-ito’) through movement and storytelling, expressing from a Japanese Canadian perspective how we connect to this time-honoured, hands-on practice from 6th century Japan in the present day. Conjuring ancestral presence through soft gestures, gestural tableau, and shadows, the inspiration of cultural heritage craft on this embodied performance is a calming reminder to release our nervous systems from the consumption-driven system that we are embedded in.



Creation/Performance of film version: Shion Skye Carter, Mayumi Lashbrook, Hitoko Okada

Creation/Performance of live performance work: Shion Skye Carter, Mayumi Lashbrook

Thank-you to all of the artists who have contributed to this work: Hina Nishioka (lighting design), Wakana Shimamura (production design), Katie Cassady (performance), Cindy Mochizuki (outside eye), and Prince Shima (music). This project has been made possible through support from the Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and the Chrystal Dance Prize.

Photography: Lula-Belle Jedynak


Nov 21 – Dec 20, 2023


Artists-in-residence at Kashiki-Seishi, Kochi, Japan
In collaboration with artist Ayumi Hamada, with support from the Chrystal Dance Prize.


July 18 – Oct 25, 2022

Artist-in-residence at Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON


Nov 29 – Dec 15, 2021

NEXT: New Dance in Development Residency, Vancouver, BC